Hubcentric 15mm Bmw X5 X5m X6 X6m Wheel Spacer

Hubcentric 15mm Bmw X5 X5m X6 X6m Wheel Spacer
Product Details

Hubcentric 15mm bmw X5 X5M X6 X6M wheel spacer

(Part No.:WS5eM671/15-74.1)

This hubcentric 15mm bmw wheel spacer 5x120 is a strong, solid and cost effective built from quality and light weight aircraft alloy aluminum t7075 t6 to improve the handling while bringing your BMW an instant aggressive stance and better driving stability. It's precisely CNC engineered to closest tolerance, wheel and hubcentric made, for perfect vibration free fitment to bmw X5, X5M, X6 and X6M. This hubcentric 15mm wheel spacer also works great for filling in wheel well, eliminating wheel/tire rub, and creating clearance for aftermarket suspension, different wheel offsets, big brakes and etc.


Features & Specifications

1) Made from quality and light weight aircraft alloy aluminum T7075-T6 for the best reliability and durability;

2) Precisely CNC engineered to closest tolerance for perfect fitment;

3) Wheel and hubcentric for vibration free fitting;

4) 5x120 PCD, CB 74.1;15mm thickness

5) Grade 10.9, high tensile extended wheel bolts (for WS design), cone seat;

6) Design: WS

7) with unique pry tabs (SSD) on the wheel spacer's back for much easier removal from wheel hub in case of necessity;

8) Black anodized;

9) Ready, complete product line for BMW cars; Under WS design, available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm; Under WSN design, available in 25mm, 30mm;

10) Custom making welcomed and supported;

11) Positively proved by the market



This hubcentric 15mm wheel spacer is compatible to bmw X5 E70 chassis, X5M, X6 and X6M, For further information, please kindly contact us without hesitation. Thank you.



We offer limited lift time warranty against defects of materials and workmanship to this hubcentric 15mm bmw wheel spacer. For more information of this warranty policy, please kindly contact us. Thank you.