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ProCARE Releases Independent Website for Car Accessories And Performance Parts

Dec 12, 2014

ProCARE Releases Independent Car Accessories & Performance Parts Website

The segment of Car Accessories & Performance Parts takes one the major proportions of ProCARE's business. For a better expressing and displaying this proportion, ProCARE releases the special and indepent website for it with the domain www.procarewheelspacers.com.

Car wheel spacers and wheel adapters are to be covered by this website. The production, series, available models of these products will be introduced in details as well as the knowledge and know-how related to these products acquired by ProCARE up to know.

Generally, the wheel spacers and wheel adapters are very customized items due to different situations and requirements for the best product performance. There are various styles and models. ProCARE sets up a coding system, trying to tell the specifications and details of the wheel spacers and wheel adapters provided against the part numbers. Each part number is initiated with capital letters and these capital letters tell the style. For example,

WA = wheel adapter with pre-pressed studs

DWA = two-piece design wheel spacer with pre-pressed studs

WSN = wheel spacer with pre-pressed nuts

WS = wheel spacer without pre-pressed nuts or studs

And the rest letters and numbers tell the PCD, CB, studs, thickness, material adopted and other information irrespectively.

Besides the car wheel spacer and wheel adapter, other car accessories and performance parts are to be added to this site step by step accordingly.